We can supply and install a wide array of coir geo-textiles products. They are made from coconut husk extracts which are spun and then woven. The end product is biodegradable and eco-friendly in nature. 

Coir is perfect for the control of soil erosion and conditioning soil. It is naturally resistant to fungal and bacterial decomposition and is cheaper and environmentally friendly than the usual synthetic geo-textiles. Coir geo-textiles matting holds soil in place and can prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rains and water run-off. It provides good soil support for 2-5 years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. Uses include road construction, banking, landscaping, agriculture and the higher gsm specs can be used specifically for oil spills and contamination control.

We supply independent contractors our geo-textile products so you too can install them on your projects. From 400gsm up to 1200gsm. Maximum 4 metre widths and maximum 50 metre lengths. Contact us today to talk through your requirements.

Benefits of Coir Geo-Textiles

  • Absorb water

    allowing re-vegetation in low rain areas, promotes vegetative growth

  • Control Erosion

    by dissipating the energy of water on steep slopes

  • Adds organic matter to soil

    100% Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly

  • High Tensile Strength

    absorbing or attracting moisture from the air

  • Tough and Durable

    versatile and resilient, high tear-strength resistance

  • Easy to install & Repair

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