Tarmac Pump track construction contractor Conservefor has a great deal of experience and skill having worked on some of the best pump tracks recently built in the UK. Working alongside Architrail Velosolutions UK limited we can design and build you the ultimate pump track.

Our knowledge and experience as a Tarmac pump track construction contractor comes from a number of years developing and implementing pump track design and build projects. We have bespoke plant and equipment to enable the creation of beautifully shaped asphalt and aggregate pump tracks complete with berms, rollers, more complex flowing features and multiple riding lines. The end result is a high end Pump track, with lots of character, making the most of any available space and at the same time being useable by all ages and abilities.

In the winter of 2016 the Highland Skate Park Association (HSPA) Appointed Conservefor Limited a specialist Tarmac pump track construction contractor along with Architrail Velosolutions UK to Design and construct the UK’s first Outdoor, fully asphalt pump track on a piece of unused land next to Bught Park on the banks of the River Ness in the Highland city of Inverness.

The first task to be undertaken was the clearing of hundreds of tonnes of earth and stone moved during the construction of the adjacent skate park followed by the levelling and drainage of the site, this was completed using a thirteen tonne excavator and 9 tonne dumper. Once the majority of this material was removed and the site levelled, we used our custom 5 tonne excavator complete with tilt rotate attachment to create the base shape of the pump track and then topped any area to be covered in asphalt with aggregate. Once the shaping of the pump track had been completed our highly experienced team of trail builders laid over 80 tonnes of Bespoke Asphalt (specifically designed for use on our pump tracks), by hand using specialist tools and finishing techniques to create a long lasting and smooth riding surface. The final task was to landscape the Pump track using top soil, turf and seed so the whole trail seamlessly blended into the surrounding park land.

The end result is a world class 300 metre asphalt pump track with 12 large berms, an almost endless amount of riding lines complete with an adjoining balance bike track and skills loop suitable for all ages and abilities from toddlers to experts!