In 2019, experienced habitat mitigation contractor, Conservefor, undertook an artificial badger sett construction project at Corncockle Quarry near Lockerbie, Scotland.

During the planning process for the reopening of the quarry, an environmental survey identified an active badger sett that would need to be relocated in order for the quarry to re-open.

The site was initially prepared using a 360 excavator to set the level of the tunnel and chamber floors to prevent flooding of the new artificial sett. The sett consisted of six entry/exit points, six living chambers and approximately 96 metres of tunnels.

The living chambers were constructed from wooden stakes with a ply wood top with the adjoining tunnels created from plastic pipes with a section removed to create a natural surface for the badgers to walk on. Spoil from the active set was laid along the new tunnel floors. All the collar joints between the chambers and pipes were protected with Geotextile and the artificial sett landscaped back into the hill side and covered with 2m of soil.

With our wealth of Habitat mitigation experience, Conservefor are able to provide all aspects of artificial badger sett construction projects from providing detailed designs and advice on licencing through to transport of materials and construction.