Specialist environmental civil engineering contractor Conservefor were appointed by A E Yates to undertake the installation of the drainage infrastructure and excavation and translocation of the peat as part of the Tormywheel windfarm development.

Tormywheel is a 15 turbine windfarm south west of Breich, West Lothian.  On completion the development will supply 24,816 local homes, based on average electricity consumption in West Lothian

A E Yates acting as Principle Contractor appointed Conservefor to undertake the peatland element of the project.  The project was split into two phases, phase one saw the installation of the drainage infrastructure and the excavation and translocation of the peat from the roads, crane pads and turbine bases.

The Principle Contractor then constructed the roads, crane pads and turbine bases and once completed Conservefor specialist environmental civil engineering contractor returned to site for phase two of the project, the trenching and cabling work.   We deployed four 360 excavator fitted with wide tracks to excavated the trenches using our bespoke trenching buckets.  Sand was imported from a local quarry and used to line the bottom of the trench and sand over the cables.

A detailed plan produced by A E Yates and Athena ensured that trenches were excavated, cables laid, sanded and backfilled within a day.  Our staff worked closely with the project team at A E Yates and Athena to ensure the project ran safely and professionally and that all the cables were laid as per the specification, drawings and plans.

All work was completed and signed off by A E Yates on time and within budget.