Conservefor are a nationwide Coir roll supplier and installation contractor based in North Yorkshire, providing all aspects through supply to installation of coir rolls to the peatland restoration industry.

Coir is a biodegradable and sustainable waste product from the husk of coconut shells. The husk is formed into rolls measuring 300mm in diameter and 3m in length.

The coir rolls are installed into small active channels within moorland hagg systems where running water is causing erosion and sediment movement for the purpose of stabilising hydrology and promoting re-vegetation.

The rolls are placed no more than 10m apart and are dug into the peat surface by 100mm, with the centre of the roll slightly lower, to ensure water does not undercut the roll or cut around the sides. Wooden stakes are used to secure the rolls in place. If the gully is adjacent to vegetated peat, the coir rolls are installed at an angle to divert water into the surrounding vegetation.

As a coir roll supplier and installer, Conservefor are quickly able to provide the rolls and arrange a helicopter lifting service to transport the coir rolls onto site therefore eliminating the need to make multiple trips with machinery. Our team of experienced peatland restoration operatives install all coir rolls by hand minimising any disturbance to the fragile moorland ecosystem.