As a specialist moorland restoration contractor, Conservefor, were appointed to install 2150 peat dams, 34 plastic pile dams with wooden bracings and remove 8Ha of dense conifer regeneration  (lodgepole pine and spruce <2.5m tall) across the site, and approximately 30 larger trees. The aim of the project:-

  • To restore bogs in the Fannyside Muir area
  • Secure the favourable management of lowland raised bogs for wildlife
  • Support delivery of the North Lanarkshire LBAP and Scottish Biodiversity Strategy
  • Protect and enhance habitat for Slamannan Plateau SPA designated features
  • Enhance ecological coherence of Fannyside Muir with the wider Slamannan Plateau

Moorland restoration contractor, Conservefor, deployed three (3) bog master excavators fitted with wide tracks to implement the work.  Starting at the furthest point the skilled operator gradually worked across the site mapping each installed peat dam as constructed.

The scrub clearance was completed by a team of two NPTC qualified chainsaw operatives.

The plastic piles were taken to site on a tracked dumper and installed by hand to ensure a good seal allowing wa

Week 1

  • Site Induction by Bug Life & Forestry Commission
  • Walk site with Bug Life/Forestry Commission
  • Install plastic pipe and create temporary crossing point adjacent the road
  • Track 8 tonne & 13tonne excavator to NE corner
  • Track 8 tonne excavator to large gully
  • From the NE corner work back across the site undertaking the grip blocking work
  • Starting at the NE corner transport plastic piles to site using the three (3) tonne tracked dumper
  • Install plastic piles as per the site plan
  • Start clearing dense conifers

Week 2

  • Two (2) Chainsaw operatives clear dense conifer (All Week)
  • Continue blocking remaining grips working back towards the large Gully
  • 13 tonne Excavator install plastic pile dams and re-profile grip edge at the large Gully

Week 3

  • Grip blocking & plastic pile installation working back towards the road
  • Transport plastic piles to site using tracked dumper
  • Leave site

Week 4

  • Complete grip blocking & plastic pile installation
  • Site Walkover with Buglife/FC
  • Track machines off site
  • Remove temporary crossing point.
  • Leave site

All peat dams will be constructed in accordance with the specification outlined in the SNH guidance supplemented by Yorkshire Peat Partnership Handbook.ter to back up behind the newly installed dam.