Experienced pump track construction contractor Conservefor were appointed to begin work on a pump track design created by world class designers Velosolutions UK. The design entailed an asphalt pump track and blue grade trail, with optional red grade features, in woodland close to Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh.

Pump track construction contractor Conservefor’s team of highly experienced trail builders set to work leveling the site and creating an access route using a 13 tonne 360 excavator. Work then began on the installation of soak away crates covered in clean stone and a tile drainage system manufactured from recycled plastic products.

Once all drainage works were complete, Conservefor’s Expert plant operators then imported local aggregate using a 6 tonne wheeled dumper. Once the aggregate had been imported onto the ride line work could then begin translating Velosolutions UK’s world class design from paper to stone. Our highly experienced plant operators, using bespoke 5 tonne excavators with tilt rotate attachments, began shaping the aggregate to create jumps, rollers and berms.

Pump tracks are designed to be used without the rider needing to pedal and so the accuracy when translating designs is imperative. Our trail building team use laser levels, rakes and their knowledge gained over years as riders to finish the stone features exactly as designed. Velosolutions and pump track construction contractor, Conservefor, will then test the track to identify any alterations that need to be made before the bespoke asphalt is applied.

Our trail building team use a bespoke asphalt created by Velosolutions specifically for use on pump tracks. This creates an optimum riding surface for use by Jump bikes, BMX, skateboards, scooters and inline skates. Once laid, the asphalt surface is finished manually using custom tools to ensure a consistent, imperfection free surface. Once the asphalt surface was laid our trail building team then used top soil recovered from another area of the site, to be used for the blue grade trail, to landscape the pump track and start hill so the trails seamlessly blend into the surrounding woodland.

On completion of the pump track our experienced trail building team began work stripping vegetation and bench cutting the line to be used for the 1km blue grade loop. Local stone was imported onto the trail using our 3 tonne tracked dumper. Our team then began to shape the trail and install technical trail features such as rollers, berms, rock gardens and drop off using our bespoke 3 tonne excavator with tilt rotate attachment. Optional red grade routes were included which are slightly more difficult to ride ensuring a fun yet challenging 1km loop useable by riders of all abilities to help improve their riding skills.